Drosophila Laboratory Pangenome Database (DLPD)

Since T.H. Morgan and his associates in the famous Fly Room began their foundational work in genetics using the mighty fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, numerous strains of Drosophila have been created in laboratories worldwide. These include transgenic strains, deficiency strains, RNAi, genome editing, and balancers, as well as wild-type strains (e.g., Oregon-R, w1118, Canton-S). The genetic background of these strains differs from the reference strain ISO1 and remains unknown. These uncharacterized differences confound the interpretation of experiments investigating the genotype-phenotype relationship using these non-reference laboratory strains. To solve this problem, we introduce the Drosophila Laboratory Pangenome Database (DLPD), a collection of ever-growing reference genome assemblies of popular D. melanogaster strains. Although twelve genome assemblies will be released initially, more will be added in the future (depending on the feedback from the community). We are in the final stage of setting up a genome browser for easy access to this data and will provide a link to the browser and the full dataset here. Stay tuned!